"If you want a drink of water, you've got to get it from a well."
Credits to Ozark Mountain Daredevils, used by permission.

Quality Products We Use

Schroeder Rotary Drilling & Pump Company is proud to provide the highest quality products to our customers.

We strive to utilize products that are "Made in America" to ensure the ongoing economic future of this great country of ours, as well as to provide the level of product quality that will give you the water you need for many years.

We use products that have excellent manufacturer warranties, solid construction, and that have been tried and tested under most conditions. We will recommend the products that best fit your needs.

The Products We Use Include

  • JM Eagle - PVC Pipes, well casing, drop pipe
  • Campbell: Fittings, well accessories, pitless adapters
  • Franklin Electric: Pumps, motors, and controls
  • Flexcon: Pressure tanks — Flexlite FL and Well-Rite Series
  • Service Wire Co: Submersible pump cables 
  • Southwire: Direct burial wire, Flat Parallel THW  — Rainbow wire (wire of choice), UF-B 
  • Direct Burial 
  • Well House
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