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"If you want a drink of water, you've got to get it from a well."
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About Schroeder Rotary Drilling & Pump Company

Vision: To be one of the top providers of wells and water systems in the state of Missouri. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality water well and water system components, and construction standards. We use only the best products available and time-proven practices. We are also willing to try the industry's latest innovations. We believe that the future holds many possibilities for our water well customers.

Mission: We will strive to provide the best products and services by training and educating our staff, our crew and our customers about water, wells, water systems, and equipment. We will strive to provide the best quality equipment by proudly using American made products wherever possible. Quality assurance is our number one priority.

Experience: Tom Schroeder has over 35 years of experience providing quality wells and water systems in Central Missouri. Along with his staff, they bring over 60 years of combined experience in the profession. The staff is educated to understand operating dynamics and characteristics of water wells and pumping systems. Their knowledge of Central Missouri's geologic conditions and all things related to groundwater is impressive. Schroeder Rotary Drilling & Pump Company is licensed in the state of Missouri, MO (permit #2158WPH). His staff consists of 3 permitted well drillers and 4 permitted pump installers. Tom is also a licensed heat pump installation contractor.
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Tom's Bio and Company History

Tom Schroeder was first introduced to the water well industry during his high school years. He began drilling wells full time in 1978 but his education in the field started much earlier. Beginning at the age of 4, Tom acquired a broad knowledge of electrical and plumbing skills while helping his father, Pete, a self-employed electrician/plumber. Tom's first experience pulling a pump came the hard way at age 13 with his dad using a homemade tripod boom and a block and tackle. While the work ethic remains the same the repair process has become much more modernized.

Tom started drilling wells in 1978, a year after graduating high school. He began working for Lowell Barnes on June 5th and after working there for a year, gaining considerable knowledge of the water well business, Tom was joined by Walt Heisterberg. For the next eleven years, they traveled the Missouri countryside anywhere within a 100-mile radius of Cole Camp drilling water wells, oil sand exploration, construction pier holes, and some of the earliest geothermal drilling done in Missouri. Many a long day in the extreme heat and cold were spent while the pair honed their drilling skills. During the winter months, Tom also helped Ron Roberts and Paul Schumacher at R and S Drilling. Having the privilege to work with different employers also helped Tom gain a broader base of drilling knowledge. In 1990, when Walt Heisterberg negotiated the purchase of Barnes Well Drilling from its original owner, Lowell Barnes, the decision was made to move on without Tom. Tom's next career move would be to venture out on his own. With financing options limited for a minimum wage laborer, Tom started small, dipping into his savings to purchase a 1969 B-32 Smeal pump hoist and tools from Braden Pump Service in Liberty, Missouri in April of 1991.

In 1991, Tom made another decision that would boost his knowledge of water systems by enrolling in the Environmental Resources Program at Crowder College, Neosho Missouri. He graduated in 1992 at the top of his class with an Associate of Applied Science in Environmental Health Degree in Water/Wastewater Technology. While attending Crowder, Tom commuted back and forth from Cole Camp to Neosho taking service calls when he could, all the while still maintaining his attendance to classes at Crowder College. It was at Crowder where he learned everything there was to learn about pumps and pumping systems. He graduated with honors at the top of his class in May of 1992 with a 4.0 GPA. After returning home, he increased his advertising and over the next couple of years, as word spread, the work was rolling in.
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