"If you want a drink of water, you've got to get it from a well."
Credits to Ozark Mountain Daredevils, used by permission.

Variety of Other Services

Schroeder Rotary Drilling & Pump Company offers a variety of different pumps for your needs. We feature our own state-of-the-art, durable, lightweight, and rodent-proof well houses that are easy to enter for your convenience. 

Our hand pumps are available in various sizes, are easy to install, and are simple to operate and maintain. They can be installed in existing wells next to a submersible or by itself.

  • Simple pumps (hand pumps)
  • Solar pumps
  • Well houses

Complete Line of Services

Water Wells - Drilling of the water well involves the drilling of the borehole, setting the surface casing and grout, as well as the liner. The borehole must be drilled to an adequate depth as well as to the proper formation to provide an adequate supply for the anticipated pump flow.

Water Systems - The installation of the water system includes the installation of the pump, pressure tank, wiring, and plumbing to get the water to the surface. This may include digging ditches for the water and electrical lines.

Geothermal - We also drill boreholes and install vertical and horizontal ground-source loops for heating and cooling. Horizontal loops take more space but can save you up to 40% over the cost of installing a vertical system. A vertical system would be used where limited space is available such as small yards or smaller lots.

Well Abandonment - We provide plugging services for abandoned wells. Missouri law requires that all old wells in a state of disrepair should be properly capped and plugged, as they are an open conduit that can and will allow contamination to your new well.
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